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The T.Bone RB500 - review

Written by: Musicman Mikko (December 26 2010)

T.Bone RB500 is pretty nice sounding microphone for beginners and for those who need their first vocal / acoustic instrument mic for recordings. It requires a proper mic pre amp.
It gives you nice sound especially for acoustic guitars and percussions. I wouldn't say that it gives as nice sound for vocals as for percussions and acoustic guitars.
But when you get yourself a higher-end recording equipment, I would say that the recorded stuff (especially vocals) with T.Bone is not gonna fit with them properly anymore.

It's still good for beginners and those who just started to build their own studio and need their first microphone.

The T.Bone RB500

Back then, when we got our T.bone mic, it was just what we needed. The percussions, vocals and acoustic guitars sounded great (you might wanna try it with drums. it would definitely sound great) with it and fit perfectly with a songs we created. But once our other gear was getting better and T.bone was still there, it didn't sound that good anymore.
Sometimes, not even with a mix. The sound just did not fit there with the others.
Later, we got a new mic, (Con A.I.R Swordfish) and everything was perfect again (review coming later!).
But T.Bone RB500 was maybe more than perfect for our first mic. It was our Vocal / Acoustic guitar and percussion mic for many years.

Acoustic guitar recording sessions with T.Bone RB500

T.bone gives you a warm natural sound, but i would say that it has too much "frequency response" perhaps  between 2khz-4khz. We also used it with the vacuum-tube receiver but it still sounded somehow "impure". It doesn't  sound too bright either.
It also has 8-shape pattern which isn't switchable, which means picks up way too much noise from the rear of the mic for many purposes.

+ Cheap
+ Decent sound for acoustic guitars and percussions

- Requires a mic pre amp
- Natural sound is kind of impure
- shape 8 pattern in for some purposes

Overall score: 7.5